Time Warp…Friday: Luck

Yes, I am sorely lacking in recent Time Warp posts, I know. And this one is so late! But it’s here. 20130108-232808.jpg

Time Warp Tuesday is hosted on the second Tuesday of the month by Kathy at bereavedandblessed.com. It’s a day to revisit old posts and reflect on the changes that have occurred since then.

This is the post I chose.

I am happy to announce that I have not lost my keys since finding them that day! I probably shouldn’t be too happy, though; there’s a full two months to go before I achieve a whole year.

Our system remains the same. My one set, his car set, his house set, and the mailbox set. What’s changed are the wristlet key chains I’ve made for each of us, not to mention the ones I made for bloggy friends that are all around the country, which tickles me pink!

It’s not just keys. I think there’s been an integral shift in the ‘little loose things’ compartment of my brain. It could be that I’m determined to one-up Abby. I swear, a two-year-old should not be able to keep better track of where I put things than I am! A few weeks ago, I left my phone sitting somewhere, and heard it ringing from the living room. I asked myself aloud where I’d left it, and Abby took it upon herself to answer me: ‘in your room, where you left it, Mom.’ Her ‘duh’ tone floored me. Since then, if I can’t find something, I ask the know-it-all, who usually does know. And yet she still tries to tell me she doesn’t know how to put (pick an item of clothing) on.

But all on my own, I’ve been able to tell Ian where the hedge clippers are, where the tape measure is, and a few other sundry items. I’m just lucky, right?

Or the answer could be the recent go-through-every-item-in-the-house-to-prepare-for-home-study activities. Who knows?

I’ll embrace it while it lasts, keys in hand.

I Found My Keys!

I am notorious for losing my keys. Or, yes, for locking them in.

Actually, they don’t even have to be my keys. I’ve lost a hospital’s patient registration offices keys, I’ve lost company vehicle keys, I’ve lost restaurant keys, the list goes on.

The first time I remember locking my keys in my car was when I was 17. At the mall. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but that just happened to be the one weekend my entire family was 300 miles away, looking for a house to buy. Of course I didn’t have any change for the payphone, and we had pagers then, not cell phones. Another friend finally showed up who agreed to give me a ride home where I went in through my window for the spare key.

I have locked my keys in my house, too, a few times. Several times, in fact, at the very first house I lived in all by myself. A house that had one lovely large picture window and the rest teeny tiny windows up near the ceiling. Every time, I had to drag chairs to the kitchen window, because that was the only window with a table beneath to break my fall. I cannot imagine my big ass squirming through there now!

I moved to an apartment complex where six or seven of my friends also lived, and I ended up giving two of them a copy of my truck key. I lived there three years, and I never managed to lock myself out of my apartment, and my truck only twice.

When my husband and I moved in together, my key luck really went downhill. I lost my keys in the parking lot at the blood center where I worked once. Fortunately, I’ve had some kind of ‘April’ ornament on my keys since 1997, so the next day they were in my office mailbox.

I think my crowning glory of key loss was the five months I was without them in the summer of 2008. Good thing I had my store, till, and Coke machine keys separately, or my manager would probably have been a bit upset.

Ever since the summer of 2010, we’ve had four sets of keys between us. I have a car and our house together, and my husband has a car on one and our house, his parents’ house, and my parents’ house on another, and we have the mailbox key and a spare house key in the car. If only one of us is leaving to go somewhere, we just grab his one car key and go. It works for us. So it’s not a huge deal if when I lose my keys.

This arrangement, which we’ve had for right around two years now, came about because I could not stop locking the key in the car. And we only had the one key for the first year we had the car, because nobody had the blanks in stock that we needed. Stupid Hyundai changing keys mid-year. After Pop-A-Lock’s third trip to see me in a month, we found someone who could order blanks.

Since then I think I’ve done pretty well, until the first week of April. The last time I know I had my keys was April 5th. I’ve flipped all the furniture, I’ve ransacked all the toy boxes, I’ve rooted through every drawer and cabinet, to no avail. I was so certain I’d put them in the glove box on the fifth, but after emptying that too, I was stumped.

Today I found them between the passenger seat and the emergency brake.

Maybe I can keep track of them for a while this time.