Also Jewelry

I seem to be picking up new hobbies left and right. Lately I’ve been making wire rings and wire-wrapped “sea glass” pendants. 



I enjoyed Writing 201 so much I asked Ian to suggest a word for me to write a poem about.

She shuffles aimlessly with her fingers
Swirling rings and earrings
Round and round

The bracelets clinking against each other
Their faceted gems catching
The light, sparkling

Glittering, glittering, glittering gold
What will she wear today?
None of it

Adornment isn’t worthwhile today
The bad news hurts, it’s still too fresh
And painful

Parting is Such Sad Sorrow

Tonight I bid a despondent adieu to my favorite nose bone. 

I was washing my face, and I had forgotten to remove him and set him to the side. As the water poured from the faucet, I felt a snag on the washcloth, then heard the tiny clink as he hit. By the time I looked down he was already gone, washed away to that great body jewelry store in the sky.

I stared at the shining crosshairs marking the deep, dark drain for a moment in disbelief, the washcloth dangling from my fingers. I let the water run, because I knew it was already too late.

After a brief moment of silence, I continued to remove my blue eyeliner and mascara, keeping a brave face for all of the other jewelry in the bathroom. Fortunately, none of it can read, so my story is safe here with you.

I dried my face and straightened my crooked septum ring for the umpteenth time today before unceremoniously dumping my little box of nose jewelry on the counter. I immediately replaced the eyebrow barbells that I still keep in there, along with the rings, because I haven’t found the perfect nose ring yet. 

I shuffled the remaining nose bones and L shapes around with my finger. Bioflex? No. Che Guevara? No. Hearts? No. The match to my so recently lost clear CZ bone? No–the heartbreak is still too fresh and stinging. 

I settled for a pink CZ micro nose bone. So tiny, so chrome.

Goodbye, old friend.