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And After Calming Down a Bit…

I’ve been home a few hours now, and had a chance to calm down a bit after all the fun I had this morning. It’s time to be more realistic. How am I going to make it four weeks? The same way I made it the last four weeks, or four months, or four years. One manageable unit of time at a time.

Right now it’s minutes, because I’m trying to avoid thinking about my husband having to go to work in two and a half hours…

And after a nap that wasn’t nearly long enough, here I am to finish this post.

I don’t know. I probably sounded like I expected everything to be all better when I left there this morning, but I didn’t really expect that, although it sure would have been nice!

I did not expect to have to wait another month to see a counselor, and that part really was disappointing. But what can I do?

I do feel a small bit better. Although I’ll be seeing someone else for counseling, I liked the social worker I talked to this morning, and I was able to tell her things that I may never be able to talk about here. So I guess that was a start.