Spooky Spider



This year, I decided what to carve on our pumpkin. Who’s seen this one around the interwebs?

Here’s mine:



Jack O’Lantern Time!

I think that last year I set the bar pretty high for myself.

20111027-220008.jpgWe love us some Super Mario.

This year, I’d planned on a cat, because they’re Halloweeny, we have cats, and it just sounded like a good idea. After checking out some ideas, we decided on this bat-winged little guy.



Unfortunately, as I was working on the second cutout, we had a fatality.


I had to finish with a steak knife. I imagine it would have been tons easier with one of my mom’s super awesome slice-your-hand-off-if-you-look-away steak knives, but hey, what else could I do? My kitchen isn’t exactly overflowing with pumpkin-carving paraphernalia.

And so, tomorrow will bring my absolute favorite part of Halloween…roasted pumpkin seeds. They are the best snack ever. Or maybe a meal, if you have enough. Plus I have a bit of pumpkin to cook up and throw in some oatmeal or cookies or something. I’m looking forward to that, too.

Did you carve a jack o’lantern? What’s your favorite fall snack?