Life As I Know It, or It’s a Good Day Today

I had the strangest thought the other day. I thought to myself, I have a good life.

Is that crazy or what? I mean, I’ve put up with some serious crap over the years.

But think of the adventures.

I climbed glacial rocks in Yellowknife, the Land of the Midnight Sun. I’ve mentioned this before, but I promise you, it was a fantastic trip!

I spent a month on a sheep farm in rural Alberta. Also an incredible trip. I saw the Northern Lights. And I shook the bucket.

I went on a school trip to Washington, D.C. when I was ten. On said trip, I chipped a tooth on my umbrella.

I took a road trip to California with a guy I met on the internet days before. On the way home, his car died and we walked for miles in the middle of the night before a truck driver stopped to give us a ride. With a machete in my pants. Just in case, you know?

I show me something, sister‘d on Bourbon Street.

I published a novel, for crying out loud!

I have a good marriage!

You may now writhe in envy.