Titling is Half the Battle

I must pay homage again to jjiraffe, who guided me to this post by Lori at Write Mind Open Heart. It’s the results of a survey about blogging, and it got me thinking about how I work.

I’ll throw a quick excerpt from Lori’s post in here: ‘Among the 5% [who title first, then write the post]: It’s the blank at the top. Therefore, I fill it in first.

Wow, I’m totally like a sociopath in that I title first. You know, ‘we are very rare, and we are mostly men.’ Maybe not. Sorry, I just watched Girl, Interrupted again the other day.

Anyway, point is, I title first. I’m extremely uncomfortable writing a post that doesn’t have some semblance of a title. Somehow it feels like I’m devaluing what I’m writing. If it’s good enough to write, it’s good enough for a title!

And titles are so important. Titles are like cover art for books or albums. It’s my chance to draw you into this seamy underworld I write in before you quite realize what you’ve gotten yourself into here. They can be cutesy, or spoofy, or clever, or shocking, or alliterative, or boringly indicative of what’s to come.

My preference for my titles is not the latter.

I like titles that pop. Unfortunately, those can be hard to find at times, or with certain subject matter. But I try not to give up and say ‘well, that’s the best I got.’

My husband is a namer. Pets, household items, body parts, they all get names. I am not. Except when it comes to writing. Maybe I understand that urge better than I thought I did.