Two Things

Would you like a greeting card?

Because I would like to make and send you one. 

I mean, unless this gets way out of control. 

You can email me at with your mailing address. 

But please keep in mind this may take a while. I’ll email you once I’ve sent your card off. 

The other is this bag I saw at the store:

An Early Gift

It isn’t Valentine’s Day without an ice pick. My husband made this for me today. 

A Gift

An admirer brought me a present tonight at work: the cutest rosary ever. My husband told me to let him down easy. 

Gift, Acrostic, Simile

Giving this, and giving that,
In fits of love, or post a spat–
For you, my darling. You, my love!
To whom my heart will be a dove.

You know what I find funny about today’s Writing 201 assignment? The acrostic of the assignment itself. Ah, bathroom humor never loses its charm!

Writing 201: Poetry