Project Dreamcatcher: Week Four

Having done the have dones

Well, my board game idea turned into an art of its own. More of a work-in-progress.


It really is squarer than it looks, I promise! But without further ado, my Have Dones:


More of a have done/skill set collage, actually. What are these things, you may ask? Wonder no more.

  1. A shirt because I learned to sew.
  2. A gift because I have had and continue to have giveaways here.
  3. A book because I published one.
  4. A brush because I do good hair.
  5. A ribbon because I am a participant in Project Dreamcatcher.
  6. A paintbrush because I am an artist.
  7. Numbers because I can plus and times real good.
  8. A ring because I am a wife.
  9. A glass because I drink plenty of water.
  10. Money because I do our taxes every year–self-employment is a hassle and a half at tax time, y’all!
  11. A pizza because I made a large pepperoni in less than 30 seconds.
  12. A nail polish bottle because I love to design my nails.
  13. Cookies because I made some awesome snickerdoodles this week.
  14. A pencil because I am a writer. And I love to hand write.

Deadline met! Not that I’m worrying about it or anything.

Don’t forget, Kindle version of Minotaur for free this weekend! Get to downloading!


In Gear

That’s where my butt needs to be.

My vision board of ‘have dones’ is a work in progress.

20130620-210816.jpgWell, kind of? I have this board game-esque idea in my head, so there’s a myriad of foam board squares on my desk, waiting for their permanent home. I was thinking it might be wise to write out a list of ‘have dones’ before I got to gluing and painting. Maybe. More on that tomorrow, when I share my Project Dreamcatcher deadlines.

My seamripper and I spent half an hour that felt like an eternity deconstructing a salvaged dress, and I’m left with this yellow flowery pile of sheer fabric.



I was thinking scarf, but the skirt had more panels than I realized, so it’d be a lot of piecing. Then I thought headband, but I have a head that won’t hold an elastic headband. Maybe bows or flowers on hairclips. Or a bracelet. Or several. What do you think, shall I have a fluffy sheer fabric bracelet giveaway this month? Let’s do.

And then there’s my sequel. I should really get on that. So, to encourage myself, the Kindle version of my debut novel Minotaur will be available for free next weekend, June 28-June 30.

BookCoverImageGet your copy! Enjoy it! Come back and demand that I finish writing the next one! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again.

So you see, lots of stuff. Into gear this butt must get, as soon as I hit publish.