I am, believe it or not, a perfectionist.

The paralyzed kind that jjiraffe mentioned last week.

I want to start so many projects, I get so many ideas, for art, for writing, for organization, for redecoration, and while I do manage to complete some of them, I start and abandon many, and fail to start even more than that. Although, thinking about it, I probably have hundreds of pages of notes and lists, so I guess I start more than I think, if the planning stage counts.

I don’t know how many times Ian has come home to something new, like alphabetized DVDS, a reorganized kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or Abby’s room, or stacks of books all over because I got a bright idea.

Those are the visible projects. Most of the art and writing never see the light of day until I’m satisfied with the results.

But we’ve had these boxes of corks, see. Ian’s restaurant is renowned for their wine selection, and he brought some corks home a while back. Every now and then I start itching to do something with them. I’d love to do the baseboard thing, but most of our baseboards are hidden behind bookcases, so meh, what’s the point? I’ll do it when we buy a bigger house.

Today I found a how-to for a wine cork bathmat. Check it out, it’s awesome. This thing is getting made. I cannot wait!!

I finally sorted my frames as well, and even put this little guy that I painted about 20 years ago in a frame!


I’m also looking for a theme to make some art cards. Maybe I’ll just go to my app and shake for random words and see how that works out. Any suggestions?

More Freaking Ants

Yesterday we had a minor infestation at the bottom of the back door. Ian discovered, I bagged up the sheet that was there and sprayed. Done. No big deal, but seriously annoying after Sunday’s debacle.

We picked up another can of spray.

This morning, after Ian left for work, I started rewashing our regular comforters. The ants are out of them, they just still smell a little off, I’m guessing from all the formic acid from the bazillions of ants that died in them in the washer and dryer.

So when I went to finally organize my desk, of course the washer wasn’t done with its cycle yet when I found another freaking hornet’s nest of ants. Am I mixing metaphors? I’m addled, as my stepdad would say.

Those dirty SOBs!! I had to bag up a quilt and my bathrobe, and throw a big frame and my lamp outside as well, not to mention the basket of folded needs-to-be-put-away laundry that will now be washed, dried, and folded yet again.

I want to be Ripley with a flamethrower just to make sure they’re all dead. Ugh!!

And now, as I sit on the couch writing this, Amarillo is pawing at the wheel well of Abby’s ride-on toy, so who knows what is lurking in there. Maybe she just lost a ponytail holder. Fingers crossed!

At least I can now sort the multitudes of frames and mats we’ve been amassing from art store dumpster diving and yard sale leftovers. Ian found me a box of six matching frames, so that’s going to be a fantastic set once I get inspired, I can’t wait!

Amarillo got it–it’s just a fuzzball. Whew!