My Visit to Behavioral Health

I made it to the clinic before eight this morning for my 8:15 appointment, and there were already about ten people in the waiting room, which Behavioral Health shares with Family Dentistry.

I filled out my little ‘I’m here’ slip and waited. After a few minutes, the receptionist gave me the forms to fill out. They really don’t give me enough room for all my medications. But I had two giant boxes for ‘number of pregnancies’ and ‘number of miscarriages.’ I suppose I could have made my zeroes bigger.

Now I’m waiting for her to call me back to make copies of my income verification stuff. This could be an adventure, as I work for commission and fill out my own paperwork to get paid. But the nice lady I talked to last week said that was fine.

And of course, she asked for stuff I wasn’t told to bring. But she said it was okay. Waiting again.

I feel like I just blew fifty bucks for a social worker to tell me I’m depressed and anxious and she’d like to see me in counseling.

I have an appointment in four weeks. How am I going to make it that long?

I started out today so hopeful and optimistic, and now I’m just crying in my car in my driveway.