Okay, just a quickie while cookie dough is chilling and before I get to Time Warping and Dreamcatching.

Three times in the past week, friends and family have mentioned, um, unique flavor interpretations.

We were at a friend’s Wednesday night after setting off some fireworks, and she served Ian some Kool-Aid. Green is her favorite flavor, because it tastes like dish soap.

Saturday night, a coworker mentioned that she likes green peppers, not because they taste good, they just taste weird.

And just now, baking cookies with Abby, who tries every ingredient, I learned that she likes baking powder because it tastes like paper.

I’ve told Ian the reason I don’t like peas is because they taste like sadness. Maybe that’s why I take such note when others compare food flavors to non-food items.

It’s interesting, though, isn’t it? Do you have any oddly reasoned out flavor preferences?