Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

I tasted your lips once, that much I do know;
The kiss that took place a long, long time ago.

I smelled your sweet scent as you leaned to my face
And I forgot all of that cold, dark, hard place.

It was night, it was winter, I was young and alone,
But wherever you were was my one only home.

You tasted of sweat, and of smoke, and of lies
You lingered not long past our final goodbyes.

You left me alone and you left me afraid,
But there on my lips, your flavor stayed.

When I opened my eyes, post-kiss, you were gone,
And I felt that somehow, something had gone wrong.

I waited and waited for you to return
I waited so long, my heart started to churn.

I knew I had lost you; I knew it was done
I touched my own mouth, and in short, I was stunned.

Many long years passed; now, I remember you still
I close my old eyes, and I savor my fill.