He Ain’t No Ferragamo

Fanny never had a problem with her modeling gigs before, but this designer was something

https://theblogpropellant.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/7-heels.jpgelse. He actually thought it was hip to swap out shoelaces for ratty pieces of string.

That’s not hip at all. Pretty darn tacky, if you asked Fanny. But nobody ever asked Fanny. Models weren’t supposed to talk.

The studded heelcaps were a nice touch, though. Fanny could appreciate that.

But gnomes? Seriously, dude, get a clue. You are so far from Louboutin, it’s not even funny.

The gnomes were hell on her hamstrings. The next day she got a massage and laughed about it.

Hey, Laurie, I paid attention to the word limit! One hundred exactly.