30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 18

Day 18: Post thirty facts about yourself.

  1. I have been working too much and am suffering from fiction withdrawals.
  2. My favorite thing to listen to is silence.
  3. I have twelve current piercings and zero tattoos.
  4. My favorite movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.
  5. I like Golden Oreos better than regular Oreos.
  6. I have about 300 bottles of nail polish, which is pretty puny compared to the originator of this challenge.
  7. I have sewn absolutely nothing for myself this year.
  8. I did not vote in the 2008 US Presidential election.
  9. I am a certified fingerprinter.
  10. My favorite salt is Brittany.
  11. I dropped out of college after one month of intermittent attendance.
  12. I prefer to drive a standard to an automatic.
  13. I really love asparagus.
  14. I do not have a passport.
  15. I am terrible at keeping in touch.
  16. I prefer showers to baths.
  17. I adore preparing extravagant meals.
  18. I do not clean as I go.
  19. This blog is the best thing I have ever made.
  20. I love playing board games.
  21. I love hiking.
  22. I get very grumpy when my hair feels dirty.
  23. I love making lists.
  24. I love making memes.
  25. I have no idea what my favorite book is.
  26. Today my favorite color is orange.
  27. I would rather be cold than hot because I have a heat allergy.
  28. My mother sent me to Girl Scout Camp once, and it was horrible because I’m so shy.
  29. I prefer to sleep on my left side.
  30. I can wiggle my ears.

Twenty Facts

Cheryl tagged me to post 20 Facts about myself, so here goes!

  1. I think Michael Keaton is the best Batman.
  2. I miss phlebotomy sometimes. I was a great sticker.
  3. I hated onions as a child, but now they’re one of my favorite vegetables.
  4. I am very particular about my socks. They must match, and the line must be straight across the top of my toes.
  5. I’m gettin’ real tired of ants invading our home.
  6. I love signing up for free stuff online.
  7. I am not the kind of person who can stick with the same hairstyle for years, or even months.
  8. My favorite nut is filbert.
  9. I read all of my mom’s recent issues of Cook’s Country cover to cover when we visit.
  10. I am a procrastinator.
  11. I lived on a sailboat with my parents for a while, when I was still an only child.
  12. I would rather swim in an ocean than a lake.
  13. I read all three Fifty Shades books.
  14. I am going to hike the Appalachian Trail one day.
  15. I abhor corruption, be it corporate, government, whatever.
  16. One of my most vivid memories is finally seeing the lights of Edmonton, AB in the distance after days of driving from New Orleans.
  17. I have been trying to figure out what a movie from my childhood is for years. I don’t remember the title. It’s live action and animation, set in Australia, features a kangaroo, a wombat, a kookaburra, and is not Dot and the Kangaroo.
  18. I am not a fan of glitter nail polish. The removal is not worth the look, mostly because the look is not that awesome.
  19. I have five different kinds of mascara in my makeup bag right now. And I use them all.
  20. I read between one and eight books a week. Usually less than half are new books. I am a huge fan of rereading.

Better late than never, right Cheryl?

Do join in if you’d like. I love reading people’s lists about themselves.

Tell Me About Yourself

Thanks to Rachel @ eggsinarow for nominating me by not nominating me!


Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. List 7 things people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 (!) other bloggers and don’t forget to notify them.

This’ll be tough! Here goes…

1. It’s been almost three years since we had a manual, and my left foot still wants to go to the clutch sometimes. Because, y’know, automatics don’t really count as driving.

2. I love eating extra sharp cheddar cheese with maple syrup. Try it. It’s awesome.

3. When I worked in an ER, I once got to assist in pumping a patient’s stomach who overdosed because one of the RNs started puking.

4. I’ve also touched a lot of dead people because LOPA (the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency) won’t go near someone without an ID bracelet somewhere on them. Which is perfectly reasonable.

5. I scored high enough on the SAT in seventh grade to be accepted at the University of New Orleans. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be today if I’d taken that path.

6. When I was 22 I went to a WB audition as a favor to a friend. He didn’t get a callback, but I was hounded by a modeling agency for months afterward. I was content with food service.

7. I got married in tube socks. My dress touched the ground, no one knew. And since our wedding was outside, the hem was full of leaves by the time we left for our honeymoon.

So now you know!

Fifteen other bloggers? Seriously? I don’t think I know fifteen of you well enough to ask such a personal question. Okay, that’s a copout. I will just cross my fingers that at least five of you will take it upon yourselves to compose a list.

P.S. That includes you, husband dear, since you have a blog now!