Face Pillows

Today we made pillows. Mostly of my face. 

I look a little scary in that bottom right. 

We used these fabric printer sheets

And Time to Sew

I’ve been following Musings of a Seamstress for a while now. Side note: go check her out. She is an amazing seamstress, and all of her stuff looks fabulous. While you’re there, give it a click and donate to her family’s adoption fund if you have a spare buck or two. I know she’d appreciate it.

Anyway, she’s hosting this month’s theme for the Stashbusting Sewalong, which is dresses. I’m actually not even a member of the group, but when she asked are you in, I was compelled to respond in the affirmative.

Whew, that’s a link-heavy couple of paragraphs!

I have a lot of fabric. Not a roomful, but quite a few boxes. And I love dresses. And I haven’t sewn very much at all this year. Probably nothing besides pants hems. So maybe I’ll sew a couple of dresses this month. We’ll see.

F is for Fabric

Did you see this one coming? Probably so.

I have tons of super cute fabrics, like these:

20130406-174257.jpg That yellow’s going to be a skirt for me one day soon.

But then I also have two whole yards of this horrorshow that was hidden away in the middle of a hefty bag of remnants I picked up at the consignment store:

Ian and I call it the ‘dead clown’ fabric. You may remember having a peek of it in the slipper fail from a couple weeks ago. Yes, the only thing I have imagined to do with the dead clowns is rub my bare feet on their faces. Kinda creepy, right?

So help me out, please! What shall I sew from this horrible fabric? Should I just use it for practice runs, or would that be bad luck?