First Day of Work

I know I’ve been away, and I’ve missed you! But this is exactly why I didn’t sign up for NaBloPoMo. I am a day ahead of schedule with my novel, though!

Today was my first day of work as an engraver. It’s actually even more fun than I thought. There’s a lot of nifty little stuff I can do, even though all it really boils down to is me telling the machine to put this text here.

Here is my engraving test, and yes, I was the first employee to ask to take a picture of it.

I truly had forgotten how difficult it is to be just a peon, not responsible for anything but my own little self. It’s definitely a change from years of management.

It is fun, though. It’s interesting to watch how the engraver cuts the letters differently for different fonts. And it suits the perfectionist in me to be able to make adjustments by a thousandth of an inch.

By far the best part of the day was after I got off work, when I saw that the mall Christmas train is hiring. I could be a conductor! I’m applying tomorrow morning.