Scrambled Eggs and Danger

Stephanie rolled out of bed with a purpose, sniffing the air as she came upright. Scrambled eggs–and danger. She could hear her mother rattling pans in the kitchen downstairs, but the air currents didn’t feel quite right.

Evidently someone had left the front door unlocked. That’s practically an invite for robbers! Stephanie felt her heart skip a beat. The panic was beginning to kick in.

She ducked behind the scraggly house plant at the bottom of the stairs to peek around the corner toward the foyer. Nothing seemed out of place. She tried to shake off the eerie feeling of suspense as she straightened her spine and turned left to enter the dining room.

“Surprise!!” everyone shouted together. “Happy birthday!!”

Stephanie clutched at her chest in mock terror, then laughed as she slid into her place as the table. “Thanks, everybody,” she answered, digging into her eggs on toast.


Happy birthday to Stephanie at Adventures of a Bibliophile!



E is for Eggs

Time to devil some more.