Holy Matricide


I can’t believe I let her talk me into this dress.

My mother has run my life all my life, and now she’s going to ruin my wedding day with this ugly ass dress.

I wanted white. I wanted to look virginal, for crying out loud. But no, “honey, white just doesn’t look right for a late summer wedding.” What does that even mean? Where does she find these obscure fashion rules that only pop up when I’m trying to make my own decisions?

And since when is June a late summer wedding anyway?

I can’t wait until Carl takes this job in Norway. Four thousand miles seems about right to get away from this woman.

I hope she doesn’t decide that’s she’s going to move with us. I don’t know what I would do then. I’d probably have to kill her.

At least we liked the same flavor cake.

Picture Prompt #48

And Time to Sew

I’ve been following Musings of a Seamstress for a while now. Side note: go check her out. She is an amazing seamstress, and all of her stuff looks fabulous. While you’re there, give it a click and donate to her family’s adoption fund if you have a spare buck or two. I know she’d appreciate it.

Anyway, she’s hosting this month’s theme for the Stashbusting Sewalong, which is dresses. I’m actually not even a member of the group, but when she asked are you in, I was compelled to respond in the affirmative.

Whew, that’s a link-heavy couple of paragraphs!

I have a lot of fabric. Not a roomful, but quite a few boxes. And I love dresses. And I haven’t sewn very much at all this year. Probably nothing besides pants hems. So maybe I’ll sew a couple of dresses this month. We’ll see.

Documentation and an Appointment

Early last week I think some kind if switch flipped in my head, because it’s just been screaming record, record, record! Is it some sixth sense regarding incipient dementia?

I probably have 3000 words in drafts that I haven’t published yet, about everything. Maybe it’s all the custody bs, giving me this feeling that I must have documentation of every single day. Maybe I’m haunted by the ghost of Buckminster Fuller.

I felt a little silly writing so much about the HSG, since almost everyone reading this is so far ahead of me in the treatment game, but I was compelled.

Maybe I was gearing up for NaBloPoMo, and making sure I had something to publish if I was about to miss a day. Maybe it’s that I’m feeling so scatterbrained lately.

Anyway, I finally got my followup scheduled, thanks to Ian! After getting a third different story from the same woman I spoke to twice on Tuesday, he got to talk to the charge nurse. So I get to go back on July 16.

And we got a package from my mom this morning with another dress she made for Abby.


20120705-151448.jpgIt’s pink rosebuds. I can’t wait to try it on her Sunday! I hope she finishes my dress soon.

The Princess Dress


There is a bit of backstory. A certain little girl received a princess doll in her Easter basket. The next day while I was on the phone with my mom, this little girl got pretty pissed when the teeny tiny dress wouldn’t fit over her foot. We laughed, and my mom asked for a picture of the dress, so I texted her one.


Over the next couple of weeks, she sewed this dress with one eye closed, because of her double vision. She says it was very therapeutic.

My mom was also mighty proud of herself for including devilishly tiny buttons down the back.


Needless to say, the dress was a huge hit. I’m sure we’ll be wearing it quite often for a while. Even when we’re grumpy.