Free Veggies!

Remember last year when we went to the corn maze? The farm’s open for business, and they started doing weekly Facebook giveaways last Monday. Today we were determined to win.

At 1145-ish, we drove to town to hang out in a parking lot until they posted today’s location. They were a few minutes after their promise of noon, but seven minutes later, we were the first to show up. He was pretty impressed, since he waited almost an hour last Monday.

And here’s our prize!

There’s a lot more squash and cucumber in the bottom, and we also got a huge watermelon. Yay!!

When we got home Abby put a jalapeño in the basket to be with the mommy and daddy big peppers–good thing we don’t have any ripe cherry tomatoes or I’m sure they’d be hanging out in there with their tomato relatives.

I enjoyed my lunch…that squash on top! The cast iron grill was already on the stove, so I sliced him up, grilled him, and sprinkled on a little salt and pepper.

We have some good eating ahead of us this week! I’m looking forward to trying out the coconut balsamic vinegar my sister gave me with those cucumbers.

Does anyone have a good eggplant recipe? I haven’t met one I liked yet.