Check out these sweet xmas decorations. We also have a flamingo inflatable out front. 

Christmas Decorations

I will freely admit that we are not an especially Christian family. I think the last Mass I attended was Ash Wednesday 2005. My husband hasn’t been to a service since 2003. When I worked at the blood center I went to church every Sunday, but that was to stab people.

But my husband loves Christmas like he’s six years old, and that’s just infectious. I never decorated my home before we got together, but you should see us now. We’re festive!

20111130-130657.jpgThe human stockings are on the opposite wall, but the tinsel isn’t as pretty over there because our cats are jerks.

Our tree, however, will be a little more bare than usual this year, I’m afraid. No ‘unbreakable’ shiny balls, no wire ornament hangers. Not that those ever stayed on the tree before (darn cats again). We simply purchased most of our ornaments in fits of childlessness, blissfully ignorant of choking hazards and the size something has to be to not fit up a toddler’s nose.

I’m still happy with what we ended up with, although it’ll be another three months before we’re close to glitter-free.