Good Times and Noodle Salad

I have a bad bobo on my finger and it hurts but I’m here because I love you. 

Also because I put earplugs in because they block out the cold cruel world and calm me down and make me feel better. 

I had the worst customer tonight. He was a jerk on the phone, he gave the wrong hotel room number, and then he wouldn’t answer his phone when I found out he gave the wrong room number. I know it was his fault because I was standing next to the girl who took his order, and she verified the number he said twice. 

Anyway, he didn’t answer, and he didn’t give his last name so the front desk couldn’t help me. So I headed back to the store. 

And when I was on my way back to the store, my manager called me because he called the store back. He threw a fit with her because she said sorry we’re closed after her greeting. Like, dude, we are closed. And you would be eating already if you weren’t so high. And then he argued about his room number, but she finally got it. 

So I went back to the right room. Dude was gonna be in some serious shit if he had the number wrong again. 

It was right. 

Anyway, dude had a chair pulled up to his open hotel door. His butt was planted so firmly in that chair that he didn’t get up to take his drink, he didn’t get up to throw a fit about the drink he ordered, he didn’t get up to take his pizza, and he didn’t get up to sign his first name only on his credit card receipt. 

And by the time I got back to the store, about four minutes, he’d already called and griped enough that my manager refunded his money

I can’t stand people like that. Plus he was stoned! He should have been much more chill. 

I Don’t Like It Here

  • See that camera bubble? Top left? It’s fake af. The previous store manager put them up to trick her assistant manager (the current store manager) into working. Didn’t work. 
  • I had the worst customer tonight. Came to pick up her order. The manager sold her a birthstone with the wrong kind of bracelet: the birthstone charms don’t open up, just the birthstone bracelets. This is why we don’t sell them with other bracelets. But whatevs. I can get the pliers and throw it on. But I can’t find the pliers. There’s no small pliers anywhere. Neither the manager nor the assistant manager will answer their phone. Customer is screaming at me because somebody else screwed her. Doesn’t want the five bucks back for the birthstone. Wants me to somehow pry this bracelet open with my fingers and magically attach it. Fuck that lady. I ended up writing my name, the manager’s name, and the order number (so they could see that she didn’t buy a birthstone bracelet) on a business card for her to call and complain about us. I don’t care, lady. You’re an entitled bitch. 
  • The manager finally called me back after Ms Entitlement left. Her plan is to call and apologize and find some fucking pliers. No sorry you had to deal with the consequences of my disregard of company policy. Just I’m gonna kiss that lady’s butt for a five dollar sale. 
  • On Monday I had a customer pissed because the frame she ordered in November that was on backorder hadn’t shown up yet. She just wanted someone to be mad at. 
  • I don’t know why I expected any better. I fielded enough complaints about this store’s customer service when I worked at my store; customers probably go there expecting to get fucked. I got news for them. If they want to be assholes to someone they’ve never met before who didn’t have anything to do with their order, they can get fucked. 
  • Job hunt starts tomorrow.