The Spooky Old House

If I were not sworn for life to protect confidentiality I would have a photo to share with you. But I can tell you some of the story. 

Tonight while on official business, my last address of the day turned out to be an abandoned old house on a hill. I got there by an overgrown gravel road. 

Had it been dark, I would not have stopped and gotten out of the car. As my friend said, that’s the start of a horror movie. But it was still daylight, so I stopped. 

I saw an old mattress on the back porch as I picked my way through the weeds. I found a “taxes due” notice on the front door. No one answered my knock, which I expected, but I saw there was still a couch inside, at least. 

I saw an extension cord leading from the house, and when I walked towards the shed that it disappeared into, I noticed that the shed was locked. 

I wonder what’s going on there. 

Since the tax notice was fresh, I went ahead and left my card. Maybe someone will call. 


The Berwick Monster

Y’all, I am creeped out just from googling images to include in this post for you. Here, let me start you off right:

Oh my goodness, now I have to look at that scary thing as I type. I better type a lot, and quickly, so I can scroll down enough to not have to look at it anymore. I may have to delete it until I’m done writing. Deep breaths.

Who’s heard of the Berwick Monster? Wait. I should probably give you some background on me first.

I am a huge weenie.

There. I’ve said it, it’s posted on the internet for everyone to see. Things that scare the crap out of me: monsters, aliens, Bigfoot, ghosts, supernatural whatever, anything and everything along these lines. Seriously. The Blair Witch Project
scared me. Okay?

Now you know.

Anyway, the Berwick Monster. Ugh, I had my feet up on another chair under the table, and now I’m scared to put them on the floor. I’m that bad. And I will tell you, it looks like there are more articles debunking or scoffing than supporting.

So, five years ago, a hunter claimed to have footage from a camera strapped to his deer stand of this swamp monster. At the time, my parents lived in the town next to Berwick, so the next time we went down there to visit, Ian decided we would go monster hunting.

I am not a stranger to the idea of going somewhere creepy and doing stupid things. In fact, my friends and I used to drive around all night looking for small country cemeteries or unused dirt roads to nowhere. Maybe bring the Ouija board, scare the crap out of each other, good times were had by all.

But I had never gone specific monster hunting, and I had never gone to hunt some scary viral internet newsworthy monster in my parents’ back yard.

Ian and I and my brother and his best friend got in the car and drove to Berwick to find some dark, deserted roads. In the middle of the night in a small town, that’s not a challenge. Then we found a dirt road.

I was not coping well.

And then someone decided we had to turn the lights off and get out of the car.


Fortunately, we did not see any monsters. Because there probably isn’t one. But that doesn’t affect my fear.

So if you like driving around and getting scared, we have plenty of places for that, all over Louisiana.

Tues Truthiness: My Country ’tis of Thee

Snowcones and a Creeper

Remember how I said I applied for a job at the snowcone stand last week?

I got a call back this morning. Right off, he asked my age. Talk about a red flag! After explaining that it was cash paid daily, he requested that I text him a picture of myself. He repeated that request three times during the remainder of a four-minute phone call. Because, he said, he ‘likes to know who he’s talking to.’

I would have thought he’d find that out since he’ll ‘be seeing everyone who applied later today to fill out paperwork.’

This is a snowcone stand, an ideal summer job. How many pictures of teenage girls has this man collected just by putting up a ‘help wanted’ sign?

I wonder if he posted ads on Craigslist too. ‘Help wanted, include pic for consideration.’

What a jerk. I wonder what his wife thinks. She is a super nice lady who asks after our daughter. Now to figure out what to do about him.