Choices and Convenience

I have two aunts and a cousin who live in Aurora, Colorado. They’re all fine.

I was already relieved when I saw the movie theater on CNN and knew that it wasn’t the one they would have gone to. I didn’t know how afraid I was until that moment that I’d see the theater where we went to see The Lion King, all eleven of us.

I called my aunt Willi, who answered the phone with ‘we’re alive.’ We laughed together in relief, and I smiled at Ian, who was free to shower now that we knew we hadn’t suffered any losses.

It turns out that my aunt Lisa had been talking about going to see the movie last night, but as I said, their theater turned out to be the safe one anyway. They’re going to wait for the DVD.

We chatted a few minutes about my brother and Abby, but Willi had to get back to work, so we said our goodbyes and hung up.

In other family news, court did not go well for my brother. He will be spending the next five or six years in a facility about two and a half hours from us. I love my brother, very much, but I’m sorely disappointed in some of the choices he has made recently. I hope things get better for him.


Semi-good News!

The judge told my brother to straighten up or he’ll end up in jail. So hopefully he minds his darn P’s and Q’s until he has to go back again in three weeks!! Thanks again for all the well wishes!

Judgment Day

Please keep my brother in your thoughts and prayers today as he goes back to court–again.

I know I’m biased, being his (favorite) sister, but I promise you, he’s not a bad kid. He just had to do a lot of growing up on his own, and it’s hard to make every decision in your own best interest before you even know what your own best interests are.

Our mom’s illness has really taken a toll on the entire family, but most of all my youngest brother and stepdad. She’s spent well over a year in the hospital out of the past three due to cryoglobulinemia and other autoimmune complications. Of course my stepdad spent 24 hours a day worried sick about his wife. That’s no one’s fault either.

I know my brother needs to take some responsibility for his actions, but he hasn’t done anything to deserve the five year sentence that is a serious possibility. He never hurt anyone except the older kid he got in a fight with who was talking crap about our mom. He just grew a little pot. Five years? Come on.

And he’s a really good uncle. I’d like him to be around to continue that.