Time to Leave

At the end of another long day, and too many more ahead to even think about about, Sam took a moment to gather his thoughts. The salted fields that lay before him would have caused despair in a lesser man, but Sam took the disaster in stride. This war had been waging long before his birth, and it would continue long after his death, and Sam recognized this.

It’s time, he thought to himself. With that, he turned and walked down the hill to his home, the onv-n-cly home he had ever known. It took courage to leave for the unknown, but Sam didn’t mind. He did what he had to do. A man’s gotta do, as his grandfather had told him.

Back at the house, the two things Sam picked up to bring with him were his canteen, freshly filled with potable water, and his grandfather’s Medal of Valor.

He needed the daily reminder of how the most honorable man he’d ever met had lived his life. The going was only gonna get tougher.

Sam got going.

But he swore one thing to himself as he surveyed the ruined land one last time: he’d never farm for the enemy again.

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