Positive Affirmations

Tomorrow morning the counselor will be asking if I did my homework, so I’m sharing it with you so I don’t forget.

Five Positive Affirmations

1. I have the best blogging buddies anybody could ask for. I’m so lucky to have you guys.

2. I make good arts.

20120113-184514.jpgOkay, I realize now that I don’t have pictures of anything but doodles on my phone, and I won’t be home until late. I’ll have to get back to you on this one. But this one’s fitting since I have beaver fever, right? And it’s my husband’s favorite.

3. I am an awesome cook. If your clothes are getting a little big, just give me a call.

20120113-175723.jpg I think it’s high time I made some more champagne asparagus risotto.

4. I am a smart shopper. I’m no extreme couponer, but I feed us pretty darn well on about $100 a month. More than that and we really eat like kings.

5. My family loves me.


Bonus! I do good nails.


And now I can’t stop thinking about that asparagus risotto.

Better Than Yesterday

This morning I saw a counselor. She gave me homework: five positive affirmations. We all know that’s my stumbling block already, and it didn’t take her too long to figure it out.

So that’ll be hard.

My aunt Morna’s service was today. My mother will be getting her ashes, and we’re going to have a little service when our little family goes to visit my mom and stepdad next month. Maybe my brother will be home by then.

It doesn’t sound like the new owners of the facility know what they’re doing. From talking to my mother, I gather there’s quite a bit of screwing up going on. Not to mention it’s been two weeks since my brother was admitted, and we haven’t received a letter from him yet. Apparently the mail isn’t going out as it should, and things are coming up missing.

I hate that he has to be somewhere like that. I guess it’s better than jail.

All in all, definitely a better day than yesterday, which I spent the majority of crying and sleeping. Is it a positive affirmation to say that I’m glad I started blogging so I could make great friends? Thank you guys for being there for me.