The Corn Bin

I never regaled you with the tale of the corn maze 2013, so now I present to you…the Face Plant!



It’s okay, she recovered quickly.


Doings and Things to Come

Yes, I know, I didn’t really fulfill my NaBloPoMo promise last month. Sorry! However, there are tons of doings to catch everyone up on, and I’m NaNoWriMoing this month, so I’ll be on the computer more, therefore posting more, hopefully.

Here’s some of what I have in store for this place along with what I’ve been up to:

  • We returned to Dixie Corn Maze two weeks ago, so I have some pictures from there to post.
  • Halloween, of course. A couple pictures and what we did since we didn’t have Abby for official trick or treating hours.
  • Vision and dental kicked in yesterday, and Ian and I had our appointments lined up for a full day. We knew Ian needed glasses, but it also turns out I have mild astigmatism, along with my eyes getting older. So we’ll both be getting our glasses in a few days. After that, I got my teeth cleaned. Here’s a shameful fact: I hadn’t been to a dentist since 1997. Fortunately, genetics and fair-to-middling brushing and occasional flossing were on my side, and my teeth are just fine and dandy. I was definitely showing them off at work last night! Too bad my favorite wine is a red…
  • My parents are coming to visit for a few days, starting tomorrow. And this place is a mess! We’ll get it cleaned up and probably hit up the State Fair on Monday before the rain.
  • My youngest brother is back in jail until March 2015. We’re pretty sad and disappointed that his poor–more like lack of–judgment has put him back in this situation. If we’re lucky, when they send him somewhere permanent it will be somewhere that Ian and Abby can visit him as well, since Ian hasn’t seen him in over a year, and Abby in even longer.
  • I’ll be back at the mall engraving again in a couple weeks. I’m looking forward to that!
  • My Open Adoption Blogger Interview will be posted in just ten days! My partner and I have swapped questions, so we just need to get our answers together and share with each other.
  • Which reminds me, since I’m back on good ole Lappy, not my iPhone, I need to update my badges!
  • Yesterday partners were assigned for the Christmas Swop! Time for some blog stalking, a bit of sewing, and present-wrapping! I can’t wait to get my stuff together and sent out, and then to see what my partner thinks!
  • My pizza job–well, it’s alright. Sometimes I just want to scream stop telling people I’m your senior assistant manager if you don’t trust me to run my shift properly!! Okay, maybe a few more choice words as well. About integrity. Ahem.
  • Okay, enough for now. Time to NaNoWriMo!!

Dixie Corn Maze

Wednesday we went to Dixie Corn Maze. We’d planned to go a couple weeks ago, but, you know. Things happen. We should have gone then, because they were all out of pumpkins this week. I was looking forward to carving a couple more since our first one was mush in three days, but I’ll get over it.

As we drove by to get to the entrance, Abby saw the gigantic bouncy thing and started hollering about kids jumping. When we got in, that was our first stop.

20121027-135747.jpg She didn’t want to jump alone, so I went up with her.

Next we stopped at the water pumps where you could race plastic ducks.

20121027-135921.jpg That’s the ‘I GOT IT!!!’ face. We see it a lot, and mostly, well, she does got it. Such a big girl!

The greatest idea they had: $1 all you can ride pony rides. Abby had six total, thank you.



My personal favorite was the corn bin.



20121027-140439.jpg Does anybody else get face lickings as often as I do?

Dad put Abby on the cow train for a couple of laps.


And Uncle Thomas caught a chicken to pet.

There was also a zinnia garden, full of bees and butterflies.



We didn’t go in the actual corn maze. By the time we did everything else, it was way past naptime. Even so, we had a blast.

Of course, I was again bombarded with the pony request. Ian didn’t get a pony as a child because his brother already had a pony. When I tried to suggest that’s why Abby couldn’t have one, I was informed that we could have four or five tied to the porch so that all of our kids could have their own. Maybe I should just close my eyes, put my fingers in my ears, and sing every time the word ‘pony’ is mentioned. That works, right?