Public Service Announcement

If you’ve worked twelve hours and your feet are slick, be careful getting in the shower. You might slip and fall and maybe even pull the handle off the shower door. 

Apparently falling in the bathroom is an annual thing for me now. But at least no concussion this time!

Also, I finally got my spiro about 26 hours after dropping the prescription off. 


That I am not nearly as better as I had thought.

I’ve never had a severe concussion before, while Ian is an old hand at them, apparently. He warned me that it would take a while. I should have let the doctor order me a week off work instead of bargaining with her, and not bothered feeling guilty about it.

I’ve been taking it easy these past few days at home, and it was after thirty minutes at work today that I realized I multitask a lot. And it’s much more challenging than I thought to do so without being at full capacity.

The feeling of too much everything else and not enough me didn’t even piss me off, as it normally would. I only felt sad and overwhelmed. 

Two more days and I’m off again.

I just hope I have more brain by Sunday for NaNoWriMo.

Bad Vibrations

I fell in the bathroom six hours ago. Way to go me, right? 

It took a while to lose the fuzziness of the concussion, but it’s much nicer now that I don’t feel like I’m about to start drooling. 

You know what really sucks, though? A jerky, vibrating CT scan with a concussion. When you have to lie on the swollen side of your head. The bouncing was not fun.

I also injured my ankle a bit. Got some X-rays of that bad boy.

And I only had to announce my LMP and explain my fertility status seven times so far this ER visit.

I’ll keep you posted on the rest of my miserable weekend–because I will definitely be sore tomorrow. When I fall, I do it right.