We attempted to go for a hike yesterday–more about that in a bit. First, we’ll have a little photo comparison. 

A few months ago, I posted a photo from our hike on my last birthday: 


Yesterday I was only able to get within about sixty feet of where I took that picture and stay dry. 



It’s been a little wet here lately.

As for the attempt, we got about half a mile before I starting feeling…poorly. I tried to stick it out before I said anything, but eventually, I whined to Ian that I didn’t feel good. Shortly after that, he turned around and looked at me and promptly decided I would sit and he would go get the car, since we were near where the trail crosses the road.

I agreed, and Ian swapped sticks with me do is have his Snakebeater, which has a whistle on the top. Really, Ian, you should have known I’d pass out before whistling for help. Stubborn.

But then, both of us are stubborn.

Sure, I was a little sweaty and red and pale, but I don’t think I looked that bad. Only like it was about twenty degrees hotter than it actually was. 


And I’ve obviously become more comfortable with selfies, since I took some while awaiting rescue. Also I drank much water.