A Little Chilly

This morning the cats were not happy with the state of the water on the back porch. 

Wet and Brown and Broken

All the leaves strewn on the ground
Wet and brown and broken.
Crossing the street, I left a trail
Twin stripes of shining blacktop.

I found a tree stripped of its leaves
Stark naked in the sun.
A bed of autumn dampness at its feet
I took the meager comfort offered.

The cold presses against my skin
The wind peels it away.
Resting in the shade of spiny branches
Shadows of skeletal fingers.

Cold, Concrete Poem, Anaphora/Epistrophe

It’s the middle
Of the night
My toes are
Cold, so cold
I flipped the cover down
To cover them
Because they were
Cold, so cold
I tucked them in
In the pocket I made
But they were still
Cold, so cold
I twisted and turned
To warm them
But they were still
Cold, so cold

They never warmed
I can’t sleep in socks

Cold and Shoeless

The first time Eric ran away from home it was a reaction; he didn’t take the time to plan for anything. He even forgot to put his shoes on in his rush to just get out. He vowed that when he went back, he wouldn’t make that mistake again. If. If he went back.https://theblogpropellant.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/sleeping-boy.jpg

Sandra cried herself to sleep that night, worried sick about her son. She hoped he would come home soon, and all in one piece. It was the not-knowing that made it so bad; she wished she had some way to find out that he was alive.

Picture Prompt #31