That’s No Moon

I’m telling you, I can’t wait for new Star Wars.

We had too many clouds to see the lunar eclipse tonight.

But I made cinnamon rolls for dinner, so there’s that. 

Nobody here ever says oh no, we couldn’t possibly have cinnamon rolls for dinner. 

Newsy News Stuff

I called the pharmacy to refill my
Clomid today. I didn’t have the prescription number, so I had to give the nice lady my name and birthdate. What was the first thing she offered to refill? The birth control. Ha! I’m going the other way this month.

I’m trying to remember if I took it in the morning or the evening last time, because it worked then. I think it was morning. Any advice on that?

In other news, my blood pressure has been good for over a week now! I’ve learned to take one when I wake up, one in the afternoon, and two at bedtime, because two in the morning was just knocking me out. I’m still adjusting to this dosage, but I can make it through the day now without absolutely needing a nap to function. I won’t turn one down, though.

It’s back to the counselor Thursday, and I realize that I haven’t given any more thought to wants since I posted about it last week. I don’t think that’s the idea, so I’ll make an effort to do so.

I’m not a fan of Paula Deen, but I saw her on Food Network making some cinnamon rolls a couple weeks ago, and they have been on my mind ever since. I’m thinking we need to pick up some brown sugar and butter, and I’ll make cinnamon rolls Wednesday. Sound good?

I’ll know when my husband gets to that part because his eyes will get big, and he’ll look at me, nod, and say ‘uh huh!!’ I love you sweetie!

I figure he could use some spoiling, because this weekend’s not gonna be easy.

Only one more day of NaBloPoMo!! I won’t toot my own horn yet, but I’ll tell you, I’m glad it’s almost over. So much pressure! I like posting most days anyway, but it’s another thing to promise to the interwebs that I will.

Enough rambling! Maybe I’ll have something more coherent tomorrow.