Everything Looks Chunky*

Which memory devices work best for you when trying to memorize chunks of information?

Chunks of information. Like numbers? Phone numbers and patient numbers and social security numbers and employee numbers? I translate them to addresses or phone numbers or dates that are locked in my memory. I think I’ve mentioned this before. A former friend’s phone number was the mall address. An old pin was our old phone number with some math. A gate code was Christmas Eve eve. Numbers are easy.

Names, not so much.

Facts? If it’s interesting it just sticks. I can’t explain it other than I need to share cool stuff far and wide.

Songs? I know hundreds of songs. Probably thousands. Sucks for earworms, but hey. When I hear a new song I’m singing along the second time I hear it. Maybe I have some capacity as a lyricist, or, more likely, song lyrics are simply that predictable. Also, I adore singing.

Recognition and repetition. It reminds me of something familiar or I repeat it until it becomes familiar. I’d say like riding a bike, but I actually don’t have very much bike experience.


*A certain someone in the family once drunkenly puked in the goggles he was wearing around his neck and then put them on his face. This was his exclamation. One of my all-time favorite stories. We take all kinds in this family, thanks for applying.