Buffalo Cauliflower: A Food Review!?!

Yes. A food review. 

Last week at the grocery store, we saw Birdseye Buffalo Cauliflower in the freezer. 

Of course we bought one, along with a bag of sour cream and onion potatoes, because barbecue flavored corn (still) doesn’t sound appetizing. 

When I opened the bag tonight, I was disappointed to not see the neon red-orange that buffalo flavored things are supposed to be. 

This is best hot. The colder it gets, the less spicy and more vinegary it tastes. While I have nothing against vinegar, I’m not a fan of it on cauliflower. 

It’s also one of those foods you need to have more than one bite before making a decision about it. I was mostly meh at first, but as the spiciness spread across my tongue and coated the inside of my mouth, I decided that I rather enjoy this cauliflower. 

But I have no idea what I would eat it with if I didn’t have a cold chicken pot pie. 

Chicken Pot Pie



We are ecstatic about the weather–it’s actually in the 60s right now!

While it hasn’t been a terrible summer, I’m ever so glad to finally see the end of the hundred degree plus heat indexes.

In celebration, I made a chicken pot pie for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll be making chili.