The cauliflower, a cruciferous vegetable that

His homework lay barely begun on the table before him. He sat, tapping his pencil on the edge of his glass, eyes closed to focus on the melody he was tapping out. 

It’s not like he would ever use the word cruciferous again anyway. 

Buffalo Cauliflower: A Food Review!?!

Yes. A food review. 

Last week at the grocery store, we saw Birdseye Buffalo Cauliflower in the freezer. 

Of course we bought one, along with a bag of sour cream and onion potatoes, because barbecue flavored corn (still) doesn’t sound appetizing. 

When I opened the bag tonight, I was disappointed to not see the neon red-orange that buffalo flavored things are supposed to be. 

This is best hot. The colder it gets, the less spicy and more vinegary it tastes. While I have nothing against vinegar, I’m not a fan of it on cauliflower. 

It’s also one of those foods you need to have more than one bite before making a decision about it. I was mostly meh at first, but as the spiciness spread across my tongue and coated the inside of my mouth, I decided that I rather enjoy this cauliflower. 

But I have no idea what I would eat it with if I didn’t have a cold chicken pot pie. 

H is for Home Cookin’

H has stood for so many things between yesterday and today, but oh my, I have to use it for this.

We’ve had this broccoli in the fridge, see, and now buttermilk left over from my mom’s lemon custard pie, so I went to google. Whaddaya know, broccoli and buttermilk!

Sounds disgusting, right? I mean, the title is (An Affront to) Good Taste: Long-Cooked Broccoli with Buttermilk. But it’s not. It’s so, so yummy by itself and over spaghetti. Abby’s on her third helping, even after the raw broccoli florets and cold roast chicken she had for dinner earlier.

However, pretty it is not.

While I was waiting for the broccoli to cook into nothingness, I fell down the rabbit hole of recipe links. And found this least popular recipe ever, which is even less photogenic. But I haven’t had anchovies in years, and now my tummy is screaming for them.

They’d be fabulous in this broccoli.

To think I’d originally planned barbecue chicken sandwiches, which are currently hot in the crockpot waiting for Ian to get home from work.

I blame SRB for getting me craving pasta.