The Week Ahead and the Week Behind Us

In bullet-point fashion.

  • First, a PSA: go check your radiator cap and make sure that the bottom that threads inside the radiator is doing just fine and is not about to break off. If it does so, it may lodge somewhere causing pressure to build and your radiator to crack. Also, check your tire pressure for safety’s sake. 
  • Tomorrow I meet my new primary care doctor. She came highly recommended from awesome doctor, so this should go well. I have some kind of rotator cuff injury, hopefully only tendinitis. Cross your fingers PT and exercises will fix me up! 
  • When I get home, we shall purchase a new radiator with a lifetime warranty! Hence the PSA. I just love our being a tale of caution. Grr!
  • My dad and stepmom actually stopped to see us this weekend! Crazy stuff going on around here. They towed their baby camper and spent the night down the road from us. After spending half the day out there yesterday before work, I’m dying to go camping again.
  • Tuesday, I deliver my papers if I’m not benched with some sort of torture device strapping my right arm into immobility. Pizza night’s details will probably also depend on mobility.
  • Wednesday, Ian gets to help his new friend install a ceiling fan and do something with ballast. He’ll laugh when he reads this, but I don’t remember the proper fluorescent lighting terminology.
  • At some point, possibly fix our hissing toilet. That is the proper plumbing terminology.
  • All week long: answer ‘no’ to Ian’s guesses about the nature of his Christmas presents. Unless he guesses correctly, in which case I waffle, which is just as good as meek acquiescence, but somehow more satisfying. Possibly because he no longer accepts the size comparison to a breadbox.
  • Also at some point, make a video for PAIL!

And a question: would you like another excerpt? Beginning, middle, or end?

An Update for the Bad News

Well, after originally denying me an exemption, after the first recess the clerk of court pulled me outside the courtroom to let me know the judge has excused me for the week. While waiting outside I even had two other potential jurors ask where I lived to see if they were going my way, but no dice. Fortunately a friend was able to come pick me up, and even bring me to get my blood pressure prescription filled (I definitely need that right now!!).

It looks like we’ll have no problem getting my friend’s car tomorrow afternoon to use, and Wednesday to keep, yay!

Thank you so much everyone for offering distractions, I love you for it!

Sounds good, right?

All is almost well. We do have another matter that’s demanding immediate resolution. I’ll let you know what’s going on when I can, but in the meantime, we need all the hopes and prayers you can give us that things go the right way. Thank you so much!!