The Sweet Globe

I’ve never worked somewhere that was going out of business before. There is so much stuff to do. Yesterday I spent a couple hours organizing and repricing the pens. Today I spent a couple hours packing and transferring six boxes of crap that we’re not allowed to have on clearance. 

In between I continued to put out merchandise that isn’t currently on display. And I finally opened up this globe and had a look at it. It’s been sitting on the second shelf in the office section in storage for the four years I’ve been here, and I had no idea what it looked like. 

It’s pretty sweet. 

So I boxed it back up and returned it to its shelf to wait for deeper discounts so I can bring it home. 

Nearly Christmas

Only one more day to go and all of this is over. 

Be Ready

Because it’s coming.

I just signed up for February’s NaBloPoMo, so the influx of posts will be overwhelming.

Especially in comparison with recent weeks.

But guys.


Not entirely unpacked yet, and, well, not entirely moved, but that last bit o’stuff wouldn’t make or break anything.

See you soon!

C is for Copiousness

We’ve had tons of fun this week.

20130403-224823.jpgWe went to the feed store and pet baby bunnies.

20130403-224916.jpgWe went swimming and had ice cream.

20130403-224956.jpgEveryone got their toenails painted.

We hit the candy store again. We went shopping. We went out to eat. And we stayed up late every night.

It’s a good thing my parents don’t come visit every week!