Time Traveling Hipster and Turtle Brownies

timetrThe sound tickled just beneath Clara’s ears, almost subsonic in its depth. She worked her jaw to relieve the pressure, but it didn’t help much. She turned her attention back to the photograph, desperately seeking any reason to label it a hoax.

A bell rang in the next room, startling her away from her studies. Clara rose to check on the brownies. They were done to a perfect chewy toughness, just the way she liked them. She grabbed a bag of candy from the counter and methodically pushed a caramel into the center of each brownie square. By the time the brownies were cool enough to cut and plate, the caramels would be perfectly gooey.

She left dessert unattended on the kitchen counter and returned to her home office. Her head twitched to the right, then back to center. That sound again. She gritted her teeth and sat down at her desk. She would have laughed aloud if that sound weren’t setting all of her nerves on edge. So irritating. And only in here, while she’s trying to work.

Clara gave up for the day, closing her files and returning to the kitchen for a brownie and a nice tall glass of milk.


First of all, diagnosis: rotator cuff tendinitis, yay! Exercises: totally not fun. Who knew how difficult it could be walking your fingers up and down a wall at arm’s length? But I can do them for longer every day, and it’s getting better. Sore muscles are so much easier to deal with than the pain I was having. And it’s great to not worry about causing further damage that may or may not improve.

Secondly, while I was waiting for my discharge and Provera prescription (no BCP, long story), my mom called me. Something came up, and she had to attend some meetings near us for a few days. So they came in Monday night, my stepdad dropped her off Tuesday morning, and he has been hanging out with us since he’s picking her back up tomorrow. Ian’s brother spent most of yesterday and part of today here as well, so Abby’s been in heaven. I’ve really enjoyed having him here for a few days, and since Ian took off work yesterday to replace the radiator (success!), it’s been like a mini-vacation for us.

Yesterday I made fudge and today brownies, because I have to keep up the tradition of my family gaining weight from my cooking. I think I’m still on a roll with that.

I had so many topics lined up to write about, but this week has been awesome family time, which will always take precedence. I’ll catch up this weekend, promise!


I know you have to be jealous I won the Sugardaddy’s giveaway that Sarah at Running On Words hosted a few weeks back, so I’m going to make it even worse by displaying all the goodies I received Friday!

I won half a dozen blondes and brownies. Here they are:


Of course, I had to take a bite from each one to see which was my favorite.

20120115-112110.jpgI started with the Rich Mint Brownie, which was absolutely everything I hoped for. Chocolate mint is one of my favorite flavors ever, so this was the one I was looking forward to the most. It smells amazing, and the filling is so creamy and crisply minty.

20120115-112558.jpgNext I tried the Drunken Chunky Blonde. This is the one I would want to lick the beaters from, because I’d imagine the batter would beat any cookie dough you put it up against.

20120115-113241.jpg And then I found my favorite, the Nutty Blonde. This is the one that’s already gone. I already knew that you can make just about anything better with some almonds, but this was just irresistible with almonds, pecans, and cashews. Yum!!

Whilst I was absorbed in my three, my husband was quietly trying his three. Then he shared.

20120115-114309.jpgThe Cinnamon Blonde is an excellent excuse to have dessert for breakfast. It’s better than a really good coffee cake, and I’d be willing to bet it’d be awesome with some pumpkin spice coffee.

20120115-114853.jpgYou can tell we liked the Auburn Original without nuts.

20120115-130450.jpgAnd last but not least, the Caramel Brownie has another good filling in between two brownies.

Be proud of us, we have not made ourselves sick on brownies! The quantity, however, is decreasing quite respectably. This was definitely a cool win, and I think my husband may have some gift ideas for me now…

Thanks again to Sarah and Sugardaddy’s!!