One More

No Sale

Alicia’s face flushed red as she realized that she left her wallet in her car when her purse fell over at the last red light. “Can you hold it for me just a minute while I run to my car?” she begged.

“Sorry, ma’am, we can’t hold anything. Too many people never come back for their holds and we can’t afford to lose the sale if someone with money comes in.” The clerk stood impassive, arms crossed across her dingy once-black smock.

Alicia rolled her eyes and spun around to head for the door. I’ll just get back as quick as I can, she thought to herself as she beat herself up for leaving her wallet. Somebody probably already broke into my car and stole it. That’s just my luck.

The latter thought was correct. When Alicia arrived at the side of her car, the jagged shards of glass were tinkling softly down from her door frame. She was so angry and disappointed in herself that she threw her bag through the broken window and nearly took out the opposite window with it.

“Fucking figures,” she muttered, pulling her phone from her pocket to call the police before she interfered with the crime scene any further.