Asthma, and Better News

I had my follow up appointment bright and early this morning with my awesome doctor. Aaand she said I probably have asthma.

I didn’t even know until last week that asthma was something that can just pop up under the right conditions. None of my family or close friends has asthma, so I never really learned much about it.

But apparently I had the right conditions. Bronchitis mixed with some good old normal hormonal changes. I joked with my husband that maybe if I didn’t have PCOS I’d have had asthma since high school.

Anyway, she wasn’t certain I have asthma, because it may still just be bronchitis leftovers, but we’ll see after a few more weeks of recuperation and eight puffs a day on my inhaler. Hopefully, even if I do have asthma, once the bronchitis is all gone, I’ll only need the inhaler for emergencies or less often.

Regarding other health issues, I’m down to one blood pressure pill a day, from three. Yay! My blood pressure’s been as low as 80/50 some evenings, which made standing tons of fun, and was 128/83 at the doctor this morning, when it’s usually the highest. I don’t think that can all be attributed to not smoking the past two weeks, so again, we’re going with the letrozole ‘normalizing’ me.

I’ve been feeling really good emotionally the past few days. Happy, even. In spite of fatigue and shortness of breath. If this keeps up, heck, I wouldn’t mind the risk of high cholesterol and osteoporosis and just take letrozole five days a month as long as I can. Seems a fair trade to me.

Just starting the two week wait now! This one is it.

Uppity Datey

We have an identification! My stepdad came through, declaring the mystery flower a moss rose. The news gets even better: they thrive on 6-8 hours of direct sunlight a day, and don’t need much water. Looks like these guys will be with us through the summer!

I’m still sick. It sucks. I did actually snore last night, which is an improvement. I go see my doctor bright and early Monday morning, so hopefully she will have some ideas.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and we’re going to prom, yay! A friend of ours is in an all-guy girl cover band. We haven’t seen them yet, but they’re having this show on my birthday. Too bad we didn’t find out before today about the prom theme, though. I’m super excited about going and then telling you guys all about it! It was originally supposed to be a surprise, but I’m glad I have the anticipation to enjoy.


Don’t take it for granted.

This past week and a half has easily been the most physically exhausting of my life. I’m so tired.

A little over three weeks ago I woke up with angry red, watery, itchy, burning eyes, and a bit of a cough. Stupid allergies. I don’t normally have a lot of problems with allergies anymore, but this year has been all kinds of record-breaking. So I put up with it, got some drops, no big deal.

My eyes got better, but my cough got worse. Last Friday I went to family practice, an appointment made not for this worsening cough, but for this:

I have developed cholinergic urticaria, also known as stress hives. Anyway. Between the time the appointment was made and the appointment itself, the cough rapidly became my primary concern. Dry, hacking, worse at night, untouched by anything over-the-counter, it was glorious.

She said it was allergies, and to try Allegra. Bonus: nothing to do about the hives.

The cough got worse, and my two-hour stretches of sleep shrank to 20 minutes or so, between hour-long paroxysms. I coughed until I vomited, several times a day, but I never coughed anything up. I coughed so consistently that my husband is now used to it, and has been sleeping peacefully for the past week.

Wednesday my husband called to make me another appointment, but since they couldn’t get me in until Monday, he was encouraged to take me to the emergency room. We were pretty concerned about my ribs at this point, because I had several very tender spots and constant pain. So we went.

I had an X-ray and a breathing treatment, and was told ‘bronchitis, take these antibiotics, maybe they’ll help, maybe not.’ The breathing treatment was wonderful! My oxygen sat went from 93% to 100%, but dropped back down to 93% after I was off the oxygen. I felt tons better for a couple of hours, and we went home. Where I continued to worsen.

I started having to alternate between the bed and the couch, because I could only lie down for so long and be able to breathe. By Saturday morning, I was lying for an hour and sitting for four and still short of breath, so I went back to the ER.

This time I had blood drawn and peed in a cup with my chest X-ray, and everything was still fine. Except, of course, that my oxygen was dropping below 90%, even after another breathing treatment. This doctor disagreed with the bronchitis diagnosis, and put ‘cough’ on my paperwork. At least I finally got some prescription cough suppressants.

Saturday night I slept four whole hours without waking up. Sunday I felt so much better. I knew a lot of it was just plain exhaustion, I just didn’t realize how much. I’m still coughing some, but not nearly as much, and not nearly as forcefully.

But I still can’t get enough air. I finished my antibiotics, and I have enough cough medicine to last until my follow up appointment, so I’ll be okay, I just won’t be good unless something changes. I can barely shower without sounding like a 90 year old smoker running a marathon. For crying out loud, I have to sit down to shave my legs.

I’m so scared that something must be seriously wrong, but how can anything truly serious be wrong with clear chest X-rays and normal bloodwork? All I know right now is that I’m never smoking again.