Never Again

Today’s Daily Prompt:

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

I think I did tell you about it. Let’s have a look. 

I did not; I only told you about the blueberries in the bread pudding

We went to a “steakhouse” that a friend of ours raves about–a couple friends of ours, actually. 

Have you ever craved a nice steak and eaten one, only for it to be so unsteaklike that you felt that you hadn’t even eaten a steak? 

That sums up our trip. 

Three of us ordered the same steak, ribeye, and none of them tasted the same. I don’t remember what cut my mother ordered, but hers tasted different from our three. Some bites were sweet, some savory, some bland. 

My steak was stringy and sinewy and hard to cut with the dull knives they supplied. 

The baked potatoes were fine, until the middle of the night when both of us who’d had them got sick. 

The potatoes au gratin were large chunks of potato in a cheese sauce, some not entirely cooked. 

The waitress was unpleasant. 

And then, of course, the bread pudding was covered with blueberries. 

I didn’t just think it; we all said it. 

Never again. 

Zippy Nippy Day

  • We got a sidewalk today!     
  • We put pennies in it.    
  • We went out dinner. I ordered bread pudding for dessert, and it came with blueberries on it. I have never heard of such a thing. 
  • We watched The Martian. Good movie. 

Leftover Mania and a Good Review

It’s been a good day today, for the most part. I’ve kept busy!

My mom read my novel this afternoon and texted me: “I loved it!!!! It was fascinating and I couldn’t stop reading. Quite enough twists and turns to keep one on the edge of their seat.” That was awesome!!

I’ve been craving bread pudding, so I whipped some up from last week’s donuts.

I remembered the lentils in the pantry so I also whipped up a nice soup with some freezer goodies–Thanksgiving’s turkey neck and New Year’s turnip greens.

And then I sewed myself a headband from this cute fabric!

And this week’s goal? Return to weekly menu planning!