Just a Dream

Tilly woke frantic, struggling to kick out from underneath the covers. When she was finally out of bed, she realized that it was all a dream. She didn’t even have a donkey, let alone one that was capable of operating a submarine and shooting torpedoes at the Empire State Building.


Dreaming of Screams

He woke sweating from nightmares of reaching, grasping tentacles uncurling from pits of darkness. He licked his lips to wet them and tasted the screams dried there, bitter and tangy. The sheets twisted around his feet, and he struggled to kick free and sit upright, shaking the last vestiges of the dream from the dusty corners of his mind. 

Licked by a Limerick

One year ago today I wrote a pair of drinking limericks. Why have I not written more limericks? 

  1. They’re work. Writing isn’t supposed to be work. 
  2. Well, see #1. 

There once was a girl in her bed
Who had a song stuck in her head. 
It wouldn’t come out,
She said with a pout. 
He laughed and said that’s what she said. 

A Bump in the Night

Perry tried to breathe as quietly as possible in his bed; the monster might hear him and come out of his closet.

He had the covers pulled up to his nose, resting on his upper lip, and tucked in tightly all the way around his body. His small frame shuddered as he dared to think about what the closet monster could do to him.

Was that faint sound its claws tick-tacking on the hardwood floor? The covers inched past Perry’s nose. His eyes widened with fear.

He pulled the covers over his head, and a soft weight jostled him. It was on top of the covers. Perry stifled a scream.

Small rhythmic vibrations roused his curiosity, and since he hadn’t been murdered yet, Perry dared take a peek at the foot of his bed.

No monsters, only his cat Harold.


Home Again

hot humidity
sweat beading and trickling down

sinking slowly in
soft and cool, comfy cozy
my own bed is best

Nighty Night

chilly and aching
and looking forward to bed
warm and cozy now