Neighborhood, Ballad, Assonance

The night was dark, and bedtime nigh;
I made my rounds, put things in place,
And lo, a man came walking by.
He wore a hood to hide his face.

I paused a beat, unsure of him,
He tipped his head to look at me.
The measure of his face was grim,
And I saw blood upon his knee.

I yearned to know what he was after,
And so I asked him, quietly.
He sprayed the loudness of his laughter
Into the night, so riotly.

The windows lit up down the street
I heard steps stirring behind me.
My spouse came out, this man to greet,
Cats lined the window, up to see.

I looked around and saw them there–
The neighbors, concerned, keeping watch.
Some came outside to wait and stare.
Some, curtains twitched apart a notch.

So many eyes, and all on us,
But this man, he knew not, nor cared.
His laughter felt of cruel mistrust,
The cats still watched, but with teeth bared.

His cold, hard laughter petered out
And he pointed at my stockinged toes
He yelled, I know what you’re about!
He followed up with What are thooose?