Followup with Dr Asshole

We waited three and half hours to be told that my tubes are clear and I will ovulate if I lose weight.

When I asked how he could be so sure it was that easy, he just reiterated and added that my PCOS symptoms would also definitely improve.

So much for listening to me when I said my symptoms are the same no matter how much or little I weigh.

Also there’s nothing else he can do for me. How do I keep getting the assholes who tell me that in this teaching hospital with hundreds of doctors not one can do a single thing for me?

I’m going to call the clinic and find out if there’s any chance of me seeing him if I go to their mystery ‘problem’ clinic. If so, they can shove that appointment.

The Year of the Free Care

Happy Valentine’s Day!20120214-143900.jpgMy husband surprised me with this balloon last night. Belle, he does love me whole bunches! And if you look closely, perhaps you can identify Taking Charge of Your Fertility and Making a Baby on the bookshelf. I didn’t realize that until uploading the picture.

As the title may have clued you in, the hospital finally approved my free care application! And backdated it to my first appointment this year. Yay!

And we have a complete about face. The only good thing I have to share is that my ovaries look completely normal!! I’ll have to come back later to tell you about the asshole I saw instead of my doctor.