Yesterday we had a lovely afternoon back in the dang emergency room. I ruptured an ovarian cyst and had a pretty unpleasant ultrasound, but I’m mostly feeling better now.

And here I thought I was done with ol’ wandy.

Here’s Carissa, watercolor on 7×10 watercolor paper.

The Blizzard of the World

So I do a lot of watercolors, right? And there’s this thing I do with the stack of plastic, 10-well palettes that I use.

I use them all, and I can’t bring myself to wash out that last little bit of whatever color. So I can’t put more paint down to use because it would get contaminated. I have to shuffle through the deck of eleven plastic circles at least twice to find the one or two that I’m willing to betray.

Today’s a record, though. I’m about to go wash four palettes.

Here’s The Blizzard of the World, watercolor and India ink on four 6×6 watercolor papers.


Neon Subway

I’m pretty stoked that I’m going to be off on Saturdays now. I only worked a couple hours anyway.

Here’s Neon Subway, acrylic ink on 8×10 watercolor paper.

Mechanical Splendor

I really like this one. I used two kinds of sponges and every green watercolor I have.

Here’s Mechanical Splendor, watercolor and India ink on 4×6 watercolor paper.

Blue Murder

I feel like #paintingaday has been just the thing to get me back into posting. 

Now to #commentaday to catch up on my reading…

We went to the state fair today and got our caricature drawn. The artist gave me some advice: get a tablet and go digital. 

I don’t know. 

How far can I trust a guy who gave me eyebrows two years in a row when I didn’t put any on?

I’ll show y’all the caricature once we get it framed up. 

Here’s Blue Murder, India ink and watercolor on 7×10 watercolor paper. 

Autumn Solicitation 

We’re going to be seventeen for Thanksgiving again this year, plus my six-month-old niece, who won’t count until she gets big enough for her own chair. 

It will also be my first Thanksgiving off work in years. Sometimes it’s nice being out of retail. Sometimes I miss it, though. 

I am not happy with this painting. I completely understand the old artists painting over old works. I would not have a second thought at all about blacking this entire canvas out and pretending what I did today never existed. 

Honestly, I cannot think of a single second during this creative process in which I was pleased. 


I am okay with that. 

It is not a reflection on my worth as a human being that I have brought this monstrosity into the world. 

So that’s good, at least. 

Here’s Autumn Solicitation, acrylic and ink on 8×10 canvas board.