Face Pillows

Today we made pillows. Mostly of my face. 

I look a little scary in that bottom right. 

We used these fabric printer sheets


Wardrobe Malfunction

Today I wore a new shirt I picked up at Target on clearance a couple weeks ago. It has shoulder cutouts that perfectly frame my new mola mola tattoo. ❤️🐠❤️

With about forty-five minutes left at work, I reached to scratch my back, and guess what! The seam down the middle of the back of my top was not doing its job. Not at all, except for a couple inches at the top and bottom. 

I have no idea how long my back was all hanging out. Not a clue. I must have caught my shirt on something, but I don’t remember feeling any pulling or hearing any tearing. 

What else could I do? I went with it and just kept pretending that’s how it was supposed to look. 

I’m not sure if shoulder cutouts are allowed in the dress code, but I’m reasonably certain that open backs are not. Guess I’ll sew it up and try again. 💁🏼

And Time to Sew

I’ve been following Musings of a Seamstress for a while now. Side note: go check her out. She is an amazing seamstress, and all of her stuff looks fabulous. While you’re there, give it a click and donate to her family’s adoption fund if you have a spare buck or two. I know she’d appreciate it.

Anyway, she’s hosting this month’s theme for the Stashbusting Sewalong, which is dresses. I’m actually not even a member of the group, but when she asked are you in, I was compelled to respond in the affirmative.

Whew, that’s a link-heavy couple of paragraphs!

I have a lot of fabric. Not a roomful, but quite a few boxes. And I love dresses. And I haven’t sewn very much at all this year. Probably nothing besides pants hems. So maybe I’ll sew a couple of dresses this month. We’ll see.

Chores Galore

Sunday’s Daily Prompt:

Congrats — you’ve been handed a robot whose sole job is to relieve you of one chore, job, or responsibility you particularly hate. What is it?

What a lucky robot! He doesn’t really have much to do.

The chore I hate the most is vacuuming. Fortunately, Ian takes care of that.

I don’t mind dishes, or laundry, or cleaning the stove top. I’ll happily fold clothes and match socks. I like the trash roundup–the kitchen trash is the only one that fills regularly, so once a week-ish one of us dumps the remaining six trash cans into a bag to take outside. Wow. We totally have seven trash receptacles in our five rooms. That seems like a lot.


It would be nice to have a robot for pet care, to clean the litter boxes and turtle tank. Ian does these, but I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Or does it have to be a chore/job specific to me? Hm.

In that case, my robot can certainly spend all his time cutting fabric. I’ll just program in the pattern I need and throw something pretty at him. The pattern-cutting-out part is my least favorite part of sewing. If I had a robot to take care of that, I guarantee I’d sew way more.

Or could I just have a robot hand!?

If you haven’t, you should watch The IT Crowd.

Sewing for Barbies

Tuesday night I resolved to sew some clothes for Abby’s Barbies. Her new ones all came with clothes, of course, but she’s gotten a few from Facebook yard sales that came without a stitch. I did sew one dress a little over a year ago, when machine sewing was still pretty new to me, but due to some novice choices in fabric and style, I determined one was plenty. Don’t start out making tiny clothes your first time with slippery knits, y’all!

The problem presented itself when they had a ballet a couple weeks ago, but not everyone could attend because there weren’t enough clothes to go around. Can’t be naked at the theater! Since I’ve sewn a few things since then and have become more ambitious, I figured it’d be easy enough to have another go at it.

I started with a slip dress, in a fashionable purple crushed velvet.


Easy enough, let’s move on to pants. They have one pair to share among their what, dozen? Fifteen? Buttloads, anyway. You’d be surprised how often Barbies are on clearance for a couple bucks.

So, pants. I used that one pair as a guide, leaving plenty of room for seam allowance and plastic thighs. Or so I thought. Would you believe I made pants that are too freaking small for Barbie? I did. They’re meant to be capris, so don’t scoff at the length.


They won’t even go past her knees. Sigh. I tried again, this time leaving even more room.



Now, a longer dress. Abby was started to get a little restless with picking fabrics and whatnot, so I wasn’t going to piece anything together with darts. One front, one velcro’d back, strapless.


We have a new model, one not so willing to stand–or lean, I guess. Lazy bum! Abby promptly dubbed this style the ‘wedding dress,’ and so we retired to the living room to get some Barbies hitched, to live happily ever after.

Keeping Warm and Cozy

Last night we got our first real taste of fall. It was in the 50s when I left work! This morning I got up with Ian instead of sleeping in, for once. It’s going to be even colder tomorrow morning when we pick up Abby, so I knew I needed to see the blanket I had planned for her.

Wednesday we went to Hancock and found out that they have fleece remnants for three dollars a yard, so I picked up a yard of pink and let Abby choose between strawberries or cupcakes and puppies. That night I measured out some cord to make piping, and that’s as far as I got.

This morning I cut bias strips from some pink gingham I had and spent half an hour pinning about eight feet of piping. I think that’s been the most pain in the ass step I’ve taken yet for a sewing project–but I know there will be worse when I make my first quilt.

Second most pain in the ass was sewing all that piping, so I was sure glad when I got to the blanket itself! I sandwiched everything up, pinned, sewed, turned, sewed, and admired.

That cold-natured little girl is gonna be so happy in the morning!