This morning I went to the hospital for my preop appointment. 

Ian dropped me off at the door because there was no telling how far he’d have to park; I was registered and waiting at the urology clinic by the time he made it inside–nearly forty minutes later. Parking was bad today. 

I was called back and the nurse took my vitals before the PA took us to a room to go over the surgical consent. When I told him how my pain has increased over the past week, he told me that if it gets too bad to come in and they’ll do some imaging to make sure my stent hasn’t migrated, but for now, here’s some pain pills and Flomax, try to stick it out. 

And by the way, sorry, your surgery isn’t until the 24th. 

He was honestly apologetic, but he isn’t the one stuck with a painful stent for an extra five days. But I’ll make it through. 

Consent signed, I went downstairs for my chest X-ray. Of course I had to pee while waiting, but the restroom had no toilet paper–no paper. Not a seat cover or a paper towel, nothing. Ian got me some from the men’s, so it turned out okay. And I had to explain to the tech that PCOS is not a type of birth control implant. 

Then it was back upstairs for an EKG (quickest one I’ve ever had) and bloodwork (good stick, yay). 

Then all my acres of medical history and instructions with the preop nurse. Yet another medical professional who hadn’t heard of PCOS. I didn’t bother explaining that it doesn’t automatically mean ovarian cysts when she asked if I had cysts on one or both ovaries. Sigh. 

So nothing to eat or drink after midnight, no nail polish on fingers or toes, and no jewelry. I’ll feel so naked. 

But the prescriptions I got today are helping the pain and spasms, so that’s really good. 

Three weeks til surgery. 

Oh, and everybody loved my lipstick. I wore Masochist from Jeffree Star

Ureteral Stent Procedure


photo credit Ian

That’s my stone there, the bright spot in the middle that kind of looks like Saturn. Unfortunately, you are looking at it from the long side; this means it’s pointed the wrong way to pass easily. The jerk. 

While it may still have passed on its own, when my urinalysis came back with bacteria and a high white count, this meant I was probably getting an infection, and the safest route was to go ahead with the stent for now and break it up in the OR when they could schedule me in. 

So now I have a tube in my right ureter. It’s yellow and stripy. 

I also learned that I have a mass on my adrenal gland that is most likely benign, but I am to see my primary care doctor for a metabolic panel to check on that. 

The PA said that my husband would be allowed in the room while they placed the stent, but that turned out to not be the case. 

When I got into the procedure room, the nurse gave me a sedative and sent me into the bathroom to empty my bladder and change into a gown. I was allowed to keep my bra and socks on, which was why I wore some snuggly wool socks that I got for Christmas. 

I came out and she gave me an antibiotic in my left cheek and a pain shot in my right. Then I got onto the table and put my legs in the stirrups. She cleaned me up with some cold pink stuff that she made sure I saw so I wouldn’t freak out when I cleaned up later. This was followed by gel in my urethra. 

She brought the packaged stent around so I could see what it looked like before I got to live with it. She got everything set up and in its place before leaving me to let the drugs kick in. 

The doctor came in briefly to introduce himself, followed by the radiology tech. Everyone was very nice and explained much more than I needed explaining, but I still appreciated that.

Then it was time to start. I turned my head to watch the monitor placed to my right. The doctor inserted the scope while filling my bladder with saline. The inside of my bladder is pretty unremarkable, except for the nice lump where the stone was bulging from inside the ureter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t close enough for the doctor to retrieve it immediately and negate any future procedures for this stone. 

It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. My HSG was worse, and the ant bites I had then didn’t help either. 

By tipping my head upward, in between holding my breath for X-rays, I could see the other screen showing the guidewire from my bladder to my kidney. So weird. 

The doctor inserted the stent and removed the guidewire, and then he was done. 

They cleaned up the spilled saline and equipment and moved everything back out of the way so I could get up. 

The nurse helped me off the table because I was a little wobbly, and I went to the bathroom and peed forever because of all the saline. I got dressed and went to fetch Ian from the waiting room to go, and he griped because the PA said it would only take about twenty minutes. 

The procedure itself only took about twelve minutes, but I was back there about an hour because of waiting for medication to take effect and cleanup. 

If you’ve ever had a catheter, you probably know that it sucks to pee for a while afterwards. It still sucks to pee. 


That crazy lady laughing hysterically in the clinic bathroom? That’s me.

The nurse requested a urine pregnancy test when I presented with shoulder pain. That’ll teach me to ask for BCP to regulate.

And here I thought I was done with the Peeing category! At least I can appreciate the humor.


Ian ordered me a present; it came in the mail today.


What should I do to him?

It’s Been a Few Days

I haven’t been doing anything to keep me from posting. I just haven’t been posting.

I peed again Monday morning…I mean, I wasted another strip. Stupid one line.

At least the timing for the PCOS consult my doctor requested in January is opportune. My appointment is next Wednesday. Hopefully whoever I see will be receptive when I request an HSG. It’d be nice to know whether or not my four eggs just got backed up somewhere. It’d be nicer if I didn’t have to wait to request it at the RE appointment in October.

Of course, it’d be nicest of all if I had an ultrasound, and there was a baby in there. Hey, if I’m dreaming, I’m gonna do it right.

Crap. This afternoon my counselor told me to keep working on positive affirmations. I’m not doing a very good job of that right now, am I? I’ll keep trying.

In other news, I’ve been completely off my blood pressure medicine for about three and a half weeks now, and doing great! The highest it’s been has been 125/80, so that’s one thing to be happy about.

That’s about all the coherence I have in me right now. I need to get motivated.


No point in stressing anyway. Might as well have saved the strip.