And the Winner Is…

By random choice of my mother picking a number between 1-100…said numbers divided by fours: 72 is contestant number 4!

Pepper!! I’ll email you.

Now, what should I give away next?

Spring Has Sprung

Or has it? I just don’t know.


Last Wednesday we had some friends over, and Ian grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It was nice and sunny.

Today I sit here typing on Lappy, surrounded by three balls of cat keeping their noses warm with their tails, my feet stuffed in my fuzzy boots to keep them toasty.

Ian and Abby planted two weeks ago. Ian has tons of new stuff, including a cactus and a rose bush he got from a customer. Abby has her Scooby Doo bucket that she dumped half a box of wildflower seeds in. They had fun, and they both have tons of sprouting.


Wednesday Ian cut the grass for the first time this year. It was odd to see him after he finished with his shirt the same color, not drenched in sweat. But the yard looks great.

We’d only planned on having his brother and one other friend over, but his brother had company at his house when we called, so they came over as well. This was the first time we’d had more than two people here with Abby–heck, the first time we’ve had more than three in years. Guess who decided to be shy? Ian eventually talked her into giving out high-fives, but she didn’t really warm up to the new guy, although Bruce curled up in his lap like he’d known him since birth. Traitorous cat!

This week we’re going to see the Easter Bunny, and send out a nice packet of photos to my brother, whose sixteenth birthday is tomorrow. We love you, bro! My best friend’s daughter’s birthday is the next day–twelve years old. How time flies!

Last night I attempted to sew a pair of slippers for myself. I only assembled one. It was a dismal failure. I don’t think I even learned anything new from that experiment, other than don’t sew slippers.


Today, however, I found a new tip on ruffling: increase tension instead of decreasing, and the fabric will ruffle itself! I’ve been having a heck of a time with Catching Our Rainbow’s March crafting challenge until I found that little tidbit. It is hard to pull threads to ruffle four four foot fabric strips. I spent probably half an hour to finish one by hand, and five minutes to do the other three with high tension. Sheesh!


Let’s see, Abby and I made bacon salt and paprika crackers Tuesday night. We’ll definitely do that again! We both had a blast.


Last night I made a beer bread with an Abita Strawberry something-or-other beer. I liked it, but Ian’s not a big fan. I guess I’ll be finding something to do with leftover beer bread this week.

And I almost forgot about the raccoon!!


Ian caught four raccoon raiding our trash Wednesday night. He held the cats up to the window to see. Bruce and Amarillo didn’t care, but Kitten was growling and ready to fight. I don’t think she could take four raccoon, though.

Don’t forget about my giveaway!

Prezzie Time!

Ian has jury duty tomorrow, and he requested that I sew him a cover for the book he’s bringing with him, Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card.

Tomorrow morning is going to be tons of fun, lemme tell ya. The courthouse is 16 miles from here in one direction, and he has to be there at 9. Abby is 25 miles from here in the opposite direction, and she gets picked up at 830. So poor Ian is going to have to sit and wait an extra hour and a quarter. He should certainly be the first prospective juror to check in.

We just have all kinds of problems when it comes to being called for jury duty, don’t we? By the way, don’t read the comments on that post if you have something else to do today. I just went to grab the link and it took me ten minutes to get back here. So many time-wasting websites, so little time!


It’s time for another giveaway. Who would like a book cover? Just leave a comment with the color you’d like, and I’ll randomly pick a winner in two weeks, on March 31. And yes, I will ship it internationally if need be. I have tons more fabric now, so odds are, I’ll have something for you.

Poor Ian, I make him something, and it’s a learning experience, so every one afterwards is a bit more professional. You may notice that the ends are a bit tight, in spite of measuring and rechecking and making sure I had the proper seam allowance. Sometimes I think I’m reinventing the wheel when it comes to sewing, but I’d rather figure it out for myself than google any day of the week.

And no, Ian, you don’t have to enter. If you’d like another all you have to do is ask, silly goose.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Due to the abysmal turnout for my giveaway, I’m not selecting a winner. All (both) entrants win!

Recovery and a Giveaway

First of all, thank you so very much for all the support I received on my last post. I didn’t go into a lot of detail, but I do plan to delve deeper into the ins and outs of it soon. I know the worst part is this damn drug study messing up the smooth groove I had with the Viibryd, added to the worry of our upcoming home study on top of Abby’s new and improved terrible twoness. What are we thinking, signing up for another possibly right around this age?? Deep breath.

Tonight I have been sewing. I made two keychains from this tutorial I found a few days back. Y’all, is my new best friend!

Ian chose his fabrics:

And I chose mine:

Mine are much smaller than the tutorial because I picked up 3/4″ D rings instead of the 1 3/4″ she used, but I love them!

So I am hosting my first giveaway!

Just choose one or two fabrics from my small but effective stash:

20130117-211629.jpgand let me know with a comment. I have a teeny tiny assortment of buttons I can pop on there, so we’ll see what will go best with the colors you choose. I’ll randomly choose a winner on Sunday, January 20. That’s soon, but this way I can make it Sunday night for you and send it next week!

I’m super excited to make something for one of you guys! Just deciding to do this has made me feel tons better. Let’s go!