Two Things

Would you like a greeting card?

Because I would like to make and send you one. 

I mean, unless this gets way out of control. 

You can email me at with your mailing address. 

But please keep in mind this may take a while. I’ll email you once I’ve sent your card off. 

The other is this bag I saw at the store:


Free Veggies!

Remember last year when we went to the corn maze? The farm’s open for business, and they started doing weekly Facebook giveaways last Monday. Today we were determined to win.

At 1145-ish, we drove to town to hang out in a parking lot until they posted today’s location. They were a few minutes after their promise of noon, but seven minutes later, we were the first to show up. He was pretty impressed, since he waited almost an hour last Monday.

And here’s our prize!

There’s a lot more squash and cucumber in the bottom, and we also got a huge watermelon. Yay!!

When we got home Abby put a jalapeño in the basket to be with the mommy and daddy big peppers–good thing we don’t have any ripe cherry tomatoes or I’m sure they’d be hanging out in there with their tomato relatives.

I enjoyed my lunch…that squash on top! The cast iron grill was already on the stove, so I sliced him up, grilled him, and sprinkled on a little salt and pepper.

We have some good eating ahead of us this week! I’m looking forward to trying out the coconut balsamic vinegar my sister gave me with those cucumbers.

Does anyone have a good eggplant recipe? I haven’t met one I liked yet.

Project Dreamcatcher: Week Four

Having done the have dones

Well, my board game idea turned into an art of its own. More of a work-in-progress.


It really is squarer than it looks, I promise! But without further ado, my Have Dones:


More of a have done/skill set collage, actually. What are these things, you may ask? Wonder no more.

  1. A shirt because I learned to sew.
  2. A gift because I have had and continue to have giveaways here.
  3. A book because I published one.
  4. A brush because I do good hair.
  5. A ribbon because I am a participant in Project Dreamcatcher.
  6. A paintbrush because I am an artist.
  7. Numbers because I can plus and times real good.
  8. A ring because I am a wife.
  9. A glass because I drink plenty of water.
  10. Money because I do our taxes every year–self-employment is a hassle and a half at tax time, y’all!
  11. A pizza because I made a large pepperoni in less than 30 seconds.
  12. A nail polish bottle because I love to design my nails.
  13. Cookies because I made some awesome snickerdoodles this week.
  14. A pencil because I am a writer. And I love to hand write.

Deadline met! Not that I’m worrying about it or anything.

Don’t forget, Kindle version of Minotaur for free this weekend! Get to downloading!

In Gear

That’s where my butt needs to be.

My vision board of ‘have dones’ is a work in progress.

20130620-210816.jpgWell, kind of? I have this board game-esque idea in my head, so there’s a myriad of foam board squares on my desk, waiting for their permanent home. I was thinking it might be wise to write out a list of ‘have dones’ before I got to gluing and painting. Maybe. More on that tomorrow, when I share my Project Dreamcatcher deadlines.

My seamripper and I spent half an hour that felt like an eternity deconstructing a salvaged dress, and I’m left with this yellow flowery pile of sheer fabric.



I was thinking scarf, but the skirt had more panels than I realized, so it’d be a lot of piecing. Then I thought headband, but I have a head that won’t hold an elastic headband. Maybe bows or flowers on hairclips. Or a bracelet. Or several. What do you think, shall I have a fluffy sheer fabric bracelet giveaway this month? Let’s do.

And then there’s my sequel. I should really get on that. So, to encourage myself, the Kindle version of my debut novel Minotaur will be available for free next weekend, June 28-June 30.

BookCoverImageGet your copy! Enjoy it! Come back and demand that I finish writing the next one! Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again.

So you see, lots of stuff. Into gear this butt must get, as soon as I hit publish.


I feel a little like something’s missing with the A to Z Challenge being over. But I have so many things to catch you guys up on now!

  • Ian downloaded a random number generator app, and Rainbow Catcher was the winner of my April bag giveaway! I’ve already got it cut out, and I’ll e pinning after I post this. Do tell me you like sequins–I have a perfect match for your bag. Just one row, no overkill, I promise!
  • What shall I give away next? I’m open to suggestions!
  • We had pop-up pizza pie for dinner last night. No pics, but it turned out just like Lynn’s did. So yummy! I used some Italian seasoned ground turkey (gotta love clearance meats, y’all!), and we are definitely going to have it again.
  • I learned tonight that I have apparently missed Facebook. I downloaded the app last week for NIAW and spammed my friends with links, then deleted it again Sunday, because who needs it, right? But then one of Ian’s coworkers invited a bunch of people to karaoke tonight, and this one girl had to spoil a perfectly fine comment thread by being a grammar nazi. Yes, spelling is important, but jeez, let it go if it’s a perfectly readable word. I can’t stand that. And when I pointed that out without namecalling, she decided I was being a bitch. I just couldn’t let it go, because if you want to be a grammar nazi, proofread your own comments. So I admit it, I stooped to a high school level on Facebook. Shame on me!
  • Seriously, WTF Warner, yanking titles from Netflix. So annoying.
  • It’s birthday month here! Mine on the 12th, Abby’s on the 19th, and Ian’s on the 23rd. Along with my brother’s, my cousin’s, Cheryl’s, and my parents’ anniversary. Let us make it through!
  • And Maggie nominated me for a Liebster Award! I’ll get to that post tomorrow. Thank you Maggie!
  • Oh! One more thing. Abby has a new friend. The catch? She’s in sixth grade. She’s come over almost every day this week. She’s a nice enough girl, a little shy, but what can I say about that? There just aren’t any other girls her age in our neighborhood. Also, we have a pool. When Ian talked to her mom she sounded happy about it, so while it seems a little odd, at least she and Abby have fun. So, whatevs.
  • That may be all, or I may have forgotten one of the things I meant to say when I started. I’m sure I’ll remember in the middle of the night. I’ll leave you with a picture of Abby sporting her Bubble Guppies shirt, Grandma Inez-made shorts, and new dinosaur bag
  • 20130502-221040.jpg

    K is for Kindness

    What a happy coincidence that Kindness Friday syncs up with the letter K!

    I feel much better about myself than the last time I participated, two weeks ago. It could be because we picked up about a dozen yards of various upholstery fabrics at a yard sale this afternoon for $25. Yay!

    I put a bag together this evening from some of it.

    I might have to make a bright flower to pin on it to make it a little happier. The colors are much duller without the flash.

    I also made this bag last weekend.

    I love that fabric!

    It makes me happy to make things for people who will enjoy them, so April’s giveaway will be a bag! Just comment here, and I’ll choose a winner on April 30. Good luck!