This poor little guy borrowed a book way ahead of his reading level. I feel pretty bad for him.

Here’s Libeary, India ink and watercolor on 9×12 watercolor paper.


Rocket Dog

Here’s Rocket Dog, requested by my darling sister, sumi ink and watercolor on 9×12 watercolor paper.

Floral Escape

I made three paintings today, but you only get to see one right now.


Here’s Floral Escape, India ink on 6×6 watercolor paper.


Here’s Evergreen, acrylic and glitter on a 12×12 canvas board.

The Blizzard of the World

So I do a lot of watercolors, right? And there’s this thing I do with the stack of plastic, 10-well palettes that I use.

I use them all, and I can’t bring myself to wash out that last little bit of whatever color. So I can’t put more paint down to use because it would get contaminated. I have to shuffle through the deck of eleven plastic circles at least twice to find the one or two that I’m willing to betray.

Today’s a record, though. I’m about to go wash four palettes.

Here’s The Blizzard of the World, watercolor and India ink on four 6×6 watercolor papers.


The People’s Eyebrow

I told Facebook that I was doing a painting a day for November, and that I was taking requests. 

My husband suggested asparagus the other day. 

And yesterday a friend of mine complained that I hadn’t painted his suggestion yet. I promised that he could go today, and that’s how we got here. 

The People’s Eyebrow, watercolor on 7×10 watercolor paper.