Cardinal Ephemera

Here’s Cardinal Ephemera, acrylic and India ink on a 16×20 canvas board.


5 Comments on “Cardinal Ephemera”

  1. LRose says:

    Yes. I like it, very much.
    Now, get back to cooking your family’s T-giving feast!

    • April says:

      I got a lot of prep done today.

      • LRose says:

        I head over to my sister’s tomorrow to chop, dice and stir my way through god-knows how many dishes. UGH!

      • April says:

        I love the cooking, I’m just hoping next year I have a diagnosis of what’s going on with me and am actually able to open cans and chop onions.

      • LRose says:

        I love cooking. I hope my sister gives way some day, and lets me put up some beans, or stuffing, or turkey, or anything I am actually good at cooking. Until then, I’ll chop some vegetables, and then go read a book until everyone is called to dinner.

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