Autumn Solicitation 

We’re going to be seventeen for Thanksgiving again this year, plus my six-month-old niece, who won’t count until she gets big enough for her own chair. 

It will also be my first Thanksgiving off work in years. Sometimes it’s nice being out of retail. Sometimes I miss it, though. 

I am not happy with this painting. I completely understand the old artists painting over old works. I would not have a second thought at all about blacking this entire canvas out and pretending what I did today never existed. 

Honestly, I cannot think of a single second during this creative process in which I was pleased. 


I am okay with that. 

It is not a reflection on my worth as a human being that I have brought this monstrosity into the world. 

So that’s good, at least. 

Here’s Autumn Solicitation, acrylic and ink on 8×10 canvas board. 

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